Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being Promoted

It feels like I've been in the same agility class forever, all my classmates have either moved on or dropped out. I have to remind myself we took 6 months off of agility and therefore it is not actually forever.  Some of the things we are still working on are:

  • Dog Walk - We were working on a running dog walk and Marley is not consistent.  We've practiced this a lot and she will sporadically just jump. We are now switching to 2 on/off. 
  • Weave - We are literally about 3 inches away from weaving.  My instructor finally asked me if I don't like training the weave poles; I think the answer was pretty obvious. 
  • Handling - Yep, this is me.  I am always surprised when Marley is exactly where she is supposed to be and I'm never prepared with the reward.  I've been told this will improve with practice.
Marley is doing great and our instructor has indicated if we can weave by the end of the month we are being promoted to the novice class.  The novice class will focus mainly on handling skills and preparation on trialing. 

It seems like we are on schedule to reach our goal of trialing this year.

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