Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Desperate Landscapes is Renovating a Dog Park

While doing research on dog park design I made a delightful discovery, groundbreaking has just happened at the 2011 Beneful® Dream Dog Park.  I was even more excited to discover Jason Cameron, who hosts DIY Network’s “Desperate Landscapes” and is managing the renovation. I hope this means the park construction will be filmed.

The renovated dog park, which will be unveiled in summer 2012, will include many fun features, such as water splash pads to keep puppies cool during the summer; exercise paths with hills to climb and tunnels to explore; a large fetch field for big dogs and a mini-fetch football field for small dogs.  The best feature in my opinion is the community gathering spot, which will be used as a fundraiser.

Marley is a bit upset to discover the 2011 Beneful® Dream Dog Park Contest winner Honey Belle was able to participate in the groundbreaking at the new dog park. Marley thinks all groundbreaking is her responsibility.

Honey Belle Breaking Ground at the 2011 Beneful Dream Dog Park .

I'm looking forward to learning more about the construction of the renovated dog park.  Actually, I'm dusting off my graph paper and I'm starting my design for the 2012 contest.

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