Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun at the Park

 Marley and I invited Rose and Axle to the park with us the other day.  Rose, the pitbull puppy is at that teen puppy age where she knows what you want and will think about it before giving you a full body pout and maybe doing as you asked.  Axle is the tiny black chihuahua that doesn't know he is a tiny dog.

Rose and her big brother Axle. 

Rose really wanted to play.

Marley on the other hand spent some time interacting with other dogs. 
 "Hahaaa...the dog doesn't realize how uncool he is in a sweater!"

 "Will you play with me?"  

"What do I have to do to convince everybody I don't play with puppies"

"Please make Marley play with me"

After a while Marley surprised everybody by initiating play with Rose.  It was very cute, Marley walked up to Rose, bumped her and took off running.  She then circled back to bump into Rose and play bow. Unfortunately, Rose doesn't consider the chasing game as fun.

 Play with me, please

When we first met Rose she was smaller than Marley.  She is now a big girl who is working at becoming a service dog and once she overcomes her teen puppy stage, I'm sure she'll be great.


Anonymous said...

Love it. They look so cute! I think Marley is starting to like Rose though :-)


Marley said...

Yes, I think Marley likes Rose. However, I think she doesn't like all attention Rose gets in while they are together.