Monday, July 25, 2011

Party Time

Wow, I didn't realize I knew so many people with July Birthdays. At least we got smart and had one party for everybody. Happy Birthday to Barbara, Bret, Kellie, Lynn and Roger. Wow, can that many Leos really be friends?

The party was started with a Pomeranian convention.

It seems they had a disagreement about something only a Pomeranian finds important and Gizmo expressed his opinion.

Marley thinks her mom is lame for making her wear a life vest by the pool. It seems none of the other dogs had to wear a life vest and she was mad.

After the swimming "experience" she decided to go hang with the Muppet (her real name is dolly, but doesn't she just look like a Muppet?).

After the a busy day of swimming, running, playing and scrounging for food, Marley was tired and ready to nap.

The party was fabulous and we all had a great time. Thank you to Marilyn and Margie for organizing such a fun event.

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Anonymous said...

This is like the Teddy Bears' picnic.
- Laura