Sunday, July 17, 2011

Party Time

Marley is going to fire her photojournalist. We attended the first party of the summer and most of my photos were horrible, either I'm a bit out of practice or I should lay off the margaritas.

I think Marley should teach a networking seminar, upon arrival she works the room. Afterwards she may rest a bit in she shade, while planning her next move.

Working the room involves determining who are the people most likely to provide handouts or drop bits of food. Marley believes children and men are more likely to share than women.

Bruiser waiting for food to drop.

Cleo the ultimate Diva.
Some of Marley's friends believe they are divas and spend time lounging and looking cool while surveying the party.

Cool Bo.

Dogs working the party.
Marley discovered 8 year old girls love to share zucchini and they won't snitch about the extra food Marley is receiving.

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