Monday, November 28, 2011

California Girl Thanksgiving

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend.

We went on a short vacation where Marley learned a lot of great stuff.  She learned:

  • "Mom's fridge" is full of yummy stuff
  • Moles are scary creatures
  • If you turn your nose up at healthy kibble, somebody will reach into "Mom's fridge" and add yummy turkey to your bowl
  • Fireplaces are warm
  • Backyards are really fun
  • All the cool dogs hang out at the beach

The weather was perfect, warm (around 84 degrees) and sunny.  Marley had a great time.  She peed on seaweed, swam in the ocean and ran around in huge circles along the coast.  She strongly approves of beach vacations.

I was worried Marley would misbehave and I was very careful to be a good guest.  However, everybody was impressed with her behavior and some of the compliments we received were:

  • She doesn't jump (on people or furniture)
  • She is so quiet
  • She doesn't harass the cats
  • She is so relaxed and mellow in her crate
I checked a few times to make sure I had my dog and hadn't traded her in for somebody else's  well behaved dog. All of our hard work seemed to have payed off and now that I know she'll behave, I see more vacations in our future. 

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