Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Case of the Black Box

I've always wondered how dogs interpret television.  I know they perceive the flickering of lights and they hear the sounds.  I've had cats who would chase images they saw within the black box; however, it never appeared like they were actually viewing a show.

I've asked friends and it seems a bit mixed.  Some people know for sure their dog watches, while others have indicated their dog doesn't even notice the black box.

Marley has usually responded to sounds of barking or knocking, otherwise she ignored the black box.

Image: The Doctor And Rose

Until recently, it was a cold night and we were having quiet time.  I glanced at Marley and noticed she was relaxed in her bed and it appeared like she was watching the show.  I totally dismissed it as a figment of my imagination.

After the show was over she came got up and started barking at me (not typical behavior), I offered to let her out and I offered cuddles.  She continued until I started another episode of Dr Who.  As soon as she noticed it was starting she jumped into her bed and started watching. Who knew she was such a big fan?

I'm totally curious as to what about this show caused her to react in that manner.  Was she really watching?  Did she get the concept?  Oh no, is she on her way to becoming a couch potato?

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