Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tiger Hosts a Great Party

We went to the most fabulous party, the food was simply amazing.  Marley and I are both recovering from eating tri-tip, stuffed cabbage, chicken, salads and too many deserts.  Yes, you may have noticed I said "Marley and I" are recovering,  "Little Miss My Mommy Never Feeds Me" managed to mooch food from everybody.

Tiger was not sure how he felt about all the dogs invading his backyard.  I believe he thinks dog park hooligans are nothing but trouble, except for the puppy.

Baby Rose was spoiled rotten by everybody.  She is the sweetest puppy I have ever met.  At 10 weeks she weighs 4lbs more than Marley and her paws are simply ginormous.

Marley and Axle spent some time scoping out the yard for their super secret special event.

Black Dog Convention, I'm not quite sure what they discussed but it was pretty intense.

Cleo didn't attend the Black Dog Convention;  she is above any Black Dog Shenanigans.  Actually, I think she is trying to convince everybody she's a superior human.

The party was so much fun the goats next door wanted to attend. 

After an afternoon of playing and plotting everybody was ready for a nap.

Thank you Leah and Mike for hosting such a Marvelous event. I loved the food, the company was phenomenal and the conversations were lively.  

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