Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Rituals

As a child Sunday mornings were filled with family rituals, Church in the morning followed by a special family breakfast.  Marley's Sunday mornings are also filled with special rituals.

We begin our day the usual way with a walk and breakfast.  A nap is a huge priority after breakfast and normally Marley curls up on my pillow for a rejuvenating nap.  Sundays are not very rejuvenating because while I know she sleeps on my pillow she is not allowed on the furniture.  So, I pretend I don't know and she jumps off as soon as she hears me walking in that direction.

After our "pretend the dog isn't on the furniture" game we jump into the car for a fun trip at the Farmers Market.  We are very fortunate our local Farmers Market allows dogs.

Today we spotted the largest turnips I have ever seen, They are larger than Marley's head. The carrots next to the turnips are mini carrots (about 5") in length.

We always check out the pomegranate products, which are simply divine.  Marley is not very impressed because I haven't given her a sample.

We check out the pumpkins, which Marley loves and I'm sure she wants me to buy her one to smash into her dinner.

Our favorite stop was at the Sheep Farm booth.  They sell wool, spring lambs and eggs, unfortunately I do not recall the name of the Farm.  Marley is always hopeful some juicy lamb will be delivered into her dinner bowl.

After shopping for veggies and fruits we usually do something fun; Today there was a Celtic Festival and we attended for a bit. The band was great and they played some of my favorites.

A fun feathered friend enjoyed the music. 

I have fond memories of my childhood Sundays and I love the way Marley has simply enhanced my current Sunday rituals.  I may just have to buy her the pumpkin next week. 

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