Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rescue Me event

The Local Bark hosted the most amazing rescue event. I don't really know if other rescue events are run the same way, however this was simply fabulous.

They started the event with a rescue dog parade. Basically, all rescue organizations were invited to the microphone with their rescue dogs and they said a few words about each dog's history and the kind of home the dog needed. I was incredibly impressed with Chako Pit Bull Rescue, they managed to convey the joy of owning a pit bull without minimizing some of the problems that may be encountered with the breed.

I found the event very helpful because I had Marley and I was able to discuss various breeds with the rescue groups. For instance, I've always wanted a German Shepard and I spoke to them about the differences in size and energy. They were great about discussing my needs and the type of German Shepard I should look for when I'm ready for a new dog. I wish more people who are shopping for a dog had attended this event, I'm sure they would have left with a new understanding of their new dog prior to bringing him home.

I couldn't believe this cutie was still in rescue.

Marley participated in the cutest trick contest and came in second. The winner had the coolest trick I want to teach Marley.

We also participated in their Dog Park workshop. Their facilities are nice and the outdoor play area is really large.

Overall, it was a wonderful event and I would highly recommend attending something similar if you are looking for a dog and want more information on the specific breed or are considering a rescue dog.

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bc_lover said...

Thanks for joining us! It was wonderful to see sweet Marley!