Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Agility Interview

We interviewed an agility instructor today and it was a very interesting experience. Marley was so excited it took her forever to calm down. The first thing she did was run up the A-frame spin around and run down. It was fabulous to see the excitement on her face.

She was so excited she didn't stop when running down the dog walk and she didn't stop when going over the A-Frame. She did refuse to have anything to do with weave poles and she jumped off the teeter. Basically, she acted like a total crazy dog.

After discussing Marley and her attitude we decided to start with a foundation class. Hopefully this will help us overcome her aversion to jumps. I'm very excited, our new trainer seems to break everything down to the basics and then we will build up. I think this will help me become a more confident dog owner.

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bc_lover said...

No no no...she's not crazy. Marley is having fun fun fun! :) I've been learning that if I breathe slowly - in out, in out - my dogs pick up on it and like me, they slowly compose themselves. Try it!