Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hagan Dog Park

We recently attended the grand opening of Hagan Dog Park. It is the first dog park in Rancho Cordova and it is the result of over 5 years of fund raising by committed volunteers. It is over 2 acres and is split into three sections. There are 2 large dog areas and one small dog section. All sections have a concrete pad and access to water. There are a ton of trees within the large dog sections and the small section is simply huge.

The event was simply one of the best I have attended. There were fly ball and agility demos. There were a ton of booths with information. It seems like the entire city turned out to support the dog park.

Marley patiently waiting to enter the park.

Ribbon cutting ceremony.

It was very well attended.

There were various city officials, who attended the grand opening. Including, a police officer and a narcotics dog.

A search and rescue dog was also part of the festivities.

As soon as we were allowed to enter the park Marley found the best rolling spot.

She rolled around for about 10 minutes totally ignoring all other dogs. She always looks so happy when she is rolling around.

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