Thursday, April 23, 2009

Agility 7

This was our last Intro to Agility class. We will start Beginning Agility class next week.

Dog Walk - This was introduced this week and Marley just ran (yep ran she didn't walk) up and over the dog walk.

Weave poles - We have moved from the cage weave poles to the guide weave poles. The cage weave poles have a x-pen on either side guiding the dog in the correct direction. The guide weave poles have a thick wire that guides the dog through the weave poles in the correct direction. Marley had some trouble with this transition. She thought it was more fun jumping over the wire rather than running through the poles.

Teeter - This was moved to position 2 (which is higher) and Marley was quivering with excitement while waiting for her turn.

Chute - Marley has no trouble with this at all.

I really need to start working on her contact and target skills. Marley would like me to start looking into buying equipment. I'm sure she'll enjoy our next class.

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