Monday, April 27, 2009

Agility 2.1

There is only one word to discuss our beginning agility class, disaster.

First of all, it was so much harder than I expected. This class is more about training me on guiding Marley through the course. I have to remember the placement of my shoulders and my feet. I can see how this will benefit us in the long run, however I'm kind of klutzy and this is hard.

Secondly, Marley was a hooligan in class. She was so excited to be there, she spent about 15 minutes just wiggling and yipping. She also decided recall was an optional command.

We are now learning sequencing and this is a bit on how our disaster went:

  • Jump, Jump, Teeter: Marley likes these different activities. During class Marley decided she was going to run around the second jump and do the teeter (which she loves). She ran around the teeter and ran it again. She ran away and did a jump and the teeter.
  • Weave poles, dog walk: This actually went well, however Marley was wearing her leash the entire time.
  • Pinwheel jump (the jumps were in a circular pattern): Marley kept trying to go around the jumps.
  • Pinwheel jumps, tunnel: Marley decided the tunnel was optional and she wasn't interested.
I need to find a way to control or direct her excitement, it was just too distracting and it took her too long to focus. We also need to spend some time working on the basics, recall is never an optional command in my book.

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