Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tea and Dog Biscuits

This last weekend was wet and rainy; a perfect weekend to stay indoors cuddling with Marley and reading a good book. I read the most delightful book, Tea and Dog Biscuits by Barrie Hawkins.

Its about a couple in England who decide to start a rescue for German Shepards.  They have made plans as in "when we have more time" until a major illness strikes Mrs. Hawkins.  She wants Barrie to start the rescue to give him focus while she undergoes surgery.  While she is in the hospital a young man calls begging him to take his dog because he is homeless and living in his car, thus starts the rescue organization.

The writing made it easy to imagine living with German Shepards and running a rescue.  As charming and delightful as the book is Barrie does not hide the dark side of rescue. I'll stop before I give the entire story away.  

It is simply a great read and perfect for a dark rainy day. 

The rescue organization is GSD Homefinders and 10% of the royalties from the book are going directly to the rescue organization. 

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