Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Found Dog: What I did

Quick recap:  I found an Abandoned Border Collie (ABC dog) at the park; if you wish please read the first part Found Dog: What Would You Do? 

I was just about in tears while I sat at the Emergency Vet wondering what to do with the ABC dog I evaluated the situation. 
  • The dog was very nice and mellow. 
  • His coat looked clean, he needed a good brushing. 
  • I didn't see any pests or obvious problems. 
  • He was fat which ment somebody enjoyeed feeding him.  
  • He knew how to walk on a leash, so he belonged to somebody.
  • He enjoyed the drive in the car
So, I took him home.  Once there I lead him to the front door and kept the leash on while we walked to the patio.  Marley was a bit perplexed this strange dog was coming inside.  Bob was incredibly curious and walked around behind the dog on our way to the patio.  He quickly found the water bowl and drank like he hadn't had water all day. I left the patio door open so Marley and Bob could become used to him.

I finally receive a call from somebody who can help.  Border Collie Rescue of Northern California  offered great advise.  I am so pleased with the assistance they provided.

She advised advised me to do the following:

  • Check Craigslist for lost dogs.
  • If I was not sure about the dog, it was ok to keep him outside as long as he couldn't escape. 
  • I could take the dog to the county shelter the next morning and let them know BCRNC would pick him up after the stray time expired.
  • She also advised me not to worry about him not eating, he was probably nervous and wouldn't be interested in eating. 
The following day, I took him to the County Shelter and they told me they would keep him for 14 days if he didn't have a microchip.  

He is a very nice dog and I hope he was just separated from his people and not abandoned.  I keep wondering if I should have done something different.

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