Monday, March 21, 2011

Front doors

Recently, I had lunch with a friend who is a pet sitter. She casually mentioned she knows how much her clients actually walk their dogs by the dog's behavior. She mentioned the obvious behaviors like level of excitement and ability to walk on a leash. She also stated, dogs who are regularly walked know where they live. She mentioned her dogs begin to walk on the lawn in an attempt to take a shortcut to her front door.

I became intrigued and I decided to see if Marley knows where we live. Unfortunately, my front door under the stairs at the end of a private entry way. Marley always walks past the entry way, either she doesn't know where we live or is attempting to extend her walk.

I just couldn't verify she knew where we lived. It was driving me totally nuts.

Until this weekend when it was rainy and windy. Marley did not want to go outside. She walked behind me and as soon as she pottied she turned around and ran back, tearing the leash from my hands in her effort to go back inside.

Now I have to know if she recognizes our patio from the outside.

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bc_lover said...

Ha ha ha ha - This post totally made my day an AWESOME one! Go Marley girl! You keep making us proud!