Monday, January 31, 2011

Agility Update

Marley and I are progressing nicely. I may have resolved my front/rear cross issue; It turns out I know how do do them but I get the terms mixed up. The dog walk and tunnel are looking good.

We are adding the front cross to the jump and it makes so much sense. We have also started working on the serpentine. Everything seems to be going well, except I just discovered a new distraction.


I discovered this quite by accident, I rented the training yard to work on some equipment and we were out there around 11 a.m. It was a glorious January day, cool yet sunny. The tunnel was in a U shape and I sent Marley to the tunnel. She was doing great and I started to add more distance. We were about 5 meters away from the entrance and I started to move towards the other end after sending Marley. As she was running to the tunnel she noticed my shadow moving towards the other end and she turned to enter at our exit.

This means I will have to spend some time in the sun going through all the equipment to ensure my shadow stops being a distraction. Unfortunately, both Marley and I dislike working in the sun. What are the odds all of our trials will be held on overcast days?

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