Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Magic

Bob is the weirdest cat I have ever lived with, probably because he is the only cat who actually behaves like a cat. He is extremely aloof and very picky about who he considers a friend. He does not like many of my friends and he refuses to allow his first human to invade his space. He has insisted Marley maintain a 3" separation between them at all times.

Dogs are totally smelly!

I totally wanted them to become friends and cuddle together, like Marley and Mahone used to cuddle. Bob totally refused...until this week!

This dog is such a pain but kind of warm!

It took freezing temperatures to coax Bob into sharing my lap.


bc_lover said...

Marley and all her sweet charms finally got to Bob! Awesome photo of them together, too.

Ishtar said...

I'm still glad I saved his life, even if he can't stand me now.

Marley said...

Its not just you, he doesn't really care for anybody else. He is very finicky.

He thinks I'm trying to poison him when I offer him treats or tuna.

Crazy cat