Thursday, October 14, 2010

Road Trip

I'm planning Marley's second road trip. I love road trips and I'm so happy Marley does so well in the car. I've started by mapping our route and checking our destination for pet friendly sites.

I want to know how can the stuff of a 12 lb dog can take up so much room? Marley's stuff includes:
  • Crate - to keep her safe in an unfamiliar location
  • Blankets - got to be comfy
  • Towel - in case she gets muddy, heaven forbid she actually swims
  • Vaccine certificate - My vet provides me one at our annual visit and I scan it into my computer for safe keeping (paper vanishes and multiplies at my house).
  • Food and water - always safe to use what is familiar
  • Bowls - for food and water
  • Toys - a variety to keep it fun, must not forget our soccer ball or bubbles
  • Pet friendly snacks - Carrots and apples
  • Extra Leash - just to be safe
  • Regular gear - such as poop bags and long leash
Umm...12 lb dog requires 30 lbs of equipment how is this possible?

After visiting multiple sites looking for pet friendly destinations and mapping my route I discovered the best site ever! Go Pet Friendly is simply so wonderful, in addition to having great tips, they have a brand new Road Trip Planner! They are currently working on it and I encountered a slight snag. I emailed them with the problem and they responded within minutes. I am amazed with their friendly, professional customer service and I look forward to using them for my next road trip.

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