Monday, October 4, 2010

Fair Oaks Dog Walk

Fair Oaks is best known for its feral chickens...Yep, feral chickens! Marley loses her mind every time we go to fair oaks. She sees these large birds wandering around the ground and she knows she can catch one for dinner.

We met up with some friends for the easy 2 mile walk (from left to right: Casey, Penny, Bruiser-hiding behind Marley).
Don't they know we have to look at the black box and smile?

Marley really enjoyed the walk, we took a small break at the river. This picture is an example of my view every time we go for a walk and it always makes me smile. Marley is alert and her tail is slowly waging as she trots along.

We found more friends relaxing after the walk. All three are Siberian Husky mixes (from left to right: Apollo, Radar, Bialto and of course Marley).

We participated in some of the games and we were 5th in Musical Sit (everybody walks in a circle and when the music stops the last dog to sit is out). We really need to work on heel, Marley tends to lallygag when ever we heel.

We also attempted to participate in the small dog race. This is so embarrassing, we were ready to go and Marley and I had great eye contact. We were so going to win this race, they said go and Marley ran after a chicken. Yep my fabulous dog was totally distracted by the feral chickens.

Overall, everybody had a great time and we plan on attending this again next year. Of course we will practice heeling and we will try some controlled recalls around birds before the next event.

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bc_lover said...

Awesome post. All the dogs look so happy! Teach Marley "photo" or "photoshoot" to pose and smile on cue for the black box! She definitely knows how to smile big for you!