Sunday, August 29, 2010

Woofstock 2010

We had a fabulous time at this event, we saw so much cool stuff. We participated in the Best Trick contest and lost to a dog that did magic tricks. Yep, Cain did magic tricks, I am in awe that a dog can be taught to do magic tricks. We also saw some interesting dogs that were celebrating in style.

This dog was advertising Mastiff Rescue.
We caught some flyball and I was simply amazed at how totally cool and fun it looks. Marley took the opportunity to poke around my bag and steal two gingerbread man cookies. I managed to catch her before she pilfered all the treats I had purchased.

This is one of the jumps the dogs are going to go over while retrieving the ball. They run in a straight line and once they reach the end they jump a panel and catch the tennis ball and race back over the jumps.

We also caught the Busy Bee's Dogs show and it was fabulous. Here the dog is making the tunnel roll forward, which means he has to walk backwards.

One dog pushed the other around in a vehicle. Marley wasn't too impressed and she mostly napped and digested the stolen cookies.

There was even a train ride around the event, it looked like so much fun. Rescue row was fabulous there were so many mellow dogs waiting to be adopted.

I want a train ride before we go home!

I has such a good time, I'm already looking forward to the event next year. Marley and I are going to practice some new tricks and hopefully next time we might win.


bc_lover said...

Fabulous photos! Hope Marley got her train ride! ;)

bc_lover said...

Take a look at Karen Pryor's clicker training website for fun & handy tricks to teach Marley!

Marley said...

Thanks for the link, I'll have to look for something totally cool to teach Marley.

bc_lover said...

My sister through "shaping" with a clicker taught Lucas to press the Staples "EASY" button. He only gets rewarded when the button chimes "That was easy!" He's such a goof ball and loves the game!