Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is too easy

The other day I decided we needed a leather leash. This led to an entire day of shopping. It seems leather leashes are not very popular and if they are in stock they weigh almost as much as Marley.

After a day of hitting every pet store, pet boutique and feed store in town we were both exhausted. I picked up a gingerbread man treat for Marley at the treat bin and gave it to her as soon as we were back at the car.

As soon as I settled into my seat I noticed a clump of grass on the passenger seat. I reached over to remove it and time froze. As soon as I touched that clump of grass I felt Marley freeze and I realized my hand was between two pieces of her ginger bread man treat. She didn't growl or attempt to snap at me, she just froze and paid attention to my behavior. I removed the clump of grass and we both let out a deep breath as time resumed its normal speed.

At that moment in time I realized how easy it is to have dog/people misunderstandings. Children are especially careless with food and messes and I can totally see how misunderstandings can occur. I am very happy I have spent so much time working with Marley and she expects me to provide high value treats otherwise this situation could have easily had a very different outcome.

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bc_lover said...

I love this photo of your girl...she's smiling! :)