Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Agility update

Our new instructor is adamant Marley needs to master some foundation skills before we re-introduce any equipment. We have been working on position, recalls, walking, pivoting and crate skills. It has actually been very fun. We are doing very well with anything that requires Marley to be on my left side. The right side just seems like the wrong side, it is a struggle for us to remember the right side.

Whenever Marley gets confused or tired she begins to fight any work on the right side. At that point she is just insistant on staying on my left. I've been working at keeping our training sessions short and breaking all activities into smaller segments to avoid any confusion.

I've discovered I need to keep a training journal of sorts and keep track of the exercises we do and what we need to improve. I've searched on-line and I have not been able to find a training log book. I think I should just create something, except I'm not quite sure what I should include. If anybody has an example of something they like or a site that provides that information, I would really appreciate it.

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