Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tax for Vet services

In California we have had a pretty bad budget deficit. There has been talk we will be receiving IOU's for our state taxes. While trying to find solutions to balance the budget there has been talk about either raising taxes or cutting services. One of the taxes being proposed by the governor is a tax on services such as Veterinary care. This affects ALL pet owners, it will make if difficult for people to provide medical care for their pets.

The California Veterinary Medical Association is asking us to:
Register your opinion with Governor Schwarzenegger to remove the Veterinary Services Tax from the budget proposal. It’s simple and effective. Just call the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841. When you call, please select your language choice, then press 5 to leave your opinion on a current issue, press 1 to select the issue of extending the sales tax to veterinary services, and then press 2 to oppose this proposal.

I would also recommend contacting your California State Legislature representatives and letting them know how you feel about being taxed for Veterinary Care. If you do not know your representatives there is a section on their website that will provide you with their name and contact information.

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