Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marley a bully?

When we go somewhere in public, I feel its my responsibility to do three things.
  1. Ensure Marley's safety
  2. Make sure Marley does not cause any harm to others
  3. Finally, I have to pick up poo
Due to her small size I'm always careful about how rambunctious other dogs are when they play with Marley. Some dogs do not realize they are huge and Marley does not know she is only 11 lbs.

I always supervise my dog when she is playing; however, I admit when she is playing with dogs her own size I tend to be a bit more lax. I've learned my lesson.

Is this the face of a bully?

Marley was playing with Angelica and before I knew it, they were no longer playing. Their play changed so quickly, I was stunned. I immediately removed Marley from the park and we went and did some training drills. We attempted to re-enter the park without success and we left.
Angelica worried about the mean girl

Since that horrible day, the girls are friends long as they are not the only females in the park. Crazy dogs

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