Monday, November 3, 2008


In February Marley met Wesley and from that day forward they were in love. Wesley (dachshund) would stop playing with other dogs and run to the gate whenever Marley arrived at the dog park. Marley's tail would wag and she would run full speed ahead to reach Wesley and begin playing. When Marley was afraid of the big blue pool, it was Wesley who encouraged her to jump in and continue playing. It was a great love affair as I've mentioned here. Alas, Marley has met a younger more playful pup, Lando (Jack Russel). Whenever Lando is at the park, Marley will reject Wesley's play bows and gentle tugs on her ears.
Marley with Lando and Wesley inspecting her paw prints in the dirt.

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ajok2000 said...

Samantha Norman once said
"Best Friends listen to what you don't say",
I guess that goes very well with animals, they don't say anything yet they become friends.
Cute dog.