Saturday, October 11, 2008


Marley and I got in trouble today in training class. We were looking for squirrels and Marley decided to have a great roll in the grass while I smiled indulgently. The trainer asked if we were bored and I said, "yes." Last week Marley fell asleep in class. In the last four weeks we have learned leave it and hand signals for sit, stand and down. The rest of the material we already knew. I have found this class to be very disappointing and not what I expected at all. The good news is our trainer has moved us to a more advanced class. I really hope this will be more exciting.

Can we chase the squirrels now?


Mary said...

Marley will acheieve her Ph.D. in no time! ;-)

I have found that playing small games like "Automatic Focus" keeps my dog engaged in classes.

While the instructor is talking, I wait for my dog to look at me voluntarily. Everytime my dog looks at me without being cued, I give him a reward. After a few repitions, my dog is focused on me about 90% of the time waiting for the next reward. Hope this helps!

Who is Marley? said...

Thanks that helps. I'm beginning to think I'm the problem, I seem to have a shorter attention span than Marley.

Ishtar said...

Marley is such a good dog! Why do you always call her naughty? She's doing really well in school! I hope she likes the more advanced classes.