Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm so happy Marley loves her crate. After her adoption she was scared I would leave her and she refused to eat unless I stood next to her food dish. During this time we were also working on crate training and I decided to start feeding her in her crate. Eating in her crate allowed her to relax. However, she never went into her crate unless she was looking for treats or snacks. Last month, I noticed her napping in her crate. Today she spent the afternoon with her friend Sadie and after dinner she took a snooze in her crate.

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You can't tell in the photo, the door is open and she can leave at any time.


Daisy Dog said...

Hello marley, my name is Daisy the Pink Dawg. Hey I didn't like my crate and I ate it so it would go away forever and it did.

Ishtar said...

OMG, she is just tooooo cute napping in her crate!