Monday, October 7, 2013

Agility Workshop

Marley and I recently attended a wonderful Agility Workshop.  It was fantastic!

We attended Novice Day and we started the day by going over basic sequences and equipment. Marley did a great job, she received a Standing Ovation when she completed the weave poles (Ok, this may be a slight exageration, but it totally felt like a standing ovation and I did shed a few tears of joy!). Her contacts were fantastic, even the dog walk.

In the afternoon we completed a few sequences that involved some thought on my part.  Marley had a blast! I had a great time; however, I did notice a few spots where I need some work.  I tend to panic half way through a sequence and forget all about Marley.

It was incredibly amusing to receive feedback in a British accent. She pretty much pointed out the same issues my regular instructor has pointed out in the past.

I was very proud of Marley, she stayed on track and didn't run off.  We were in close proximity to dogs she didn't know and she was calm and focused.  I'm glad I attended and I look forward to the next Agility Workshop.

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