Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Heat

This summer has been unusually hot in our region.  Temperatures have been over 100 degrees for weeks and today was about 108 degrees.  Totally crazy weather.

Some of our tricks for staying safe in extreme heat are:

  • I don't allow Marley to walk on asphalt or concrete if I'm not comfortable walking barefoot.  Her paws are sensitive and I don't want them to blister.  She walks on dirt or grass.
  • We avoid the outdoors between 2-6 p.m., the hottest part of the day.
  • I carry cool water with me on our walks.
  • Marley receives  most of her meals from a treat ball, due to our restrictive schedule she needs additional mental stimulation.
  • I brush her coat every evening to remove bits of dry brush or grass.  Foxtails are a huge problem and cling to her coat.
  • We are working on our agility foundation exercises.
  • Trick training is fantastic during the heat.

We have also started inventing  some fun indoor games, which I'll share with you soon.  This weekend we'll spend some time at the lake and the river, which should be refreshing.  I hope everybody is staying cool.

Here are some additional tips for surviving the summer weather.

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Krisstin said...

Great tips! Foxtails are the worst for dogs. My dog had one that burrowed into his paw in between his toes. They had to go in surgically to remove it.