Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am in Love...

...with a robot!

I don't know if you recall how frustrating I found weaving.  I will not bore you with the details of our weaving trauma; however, I was in tears and ready to walk away from agility.  Marley just couldn't weave consistently, more importantly she wouldn't weave in front of our instructor.

Our instructor told me I was making all the classic newbie mistakes and I needed to go back to the beginning with two poles.  I was ready to cry when she brings out the Manners Minder.

It has revolutionized our weave training.  It has pretty much removed me from the equation. All I have to do is play with Marley.  How awesome is that!

Within a week she was entering the two poles from anywhere on the arch.*  We now have distance and drive through the poles.  I've recently added the second set of poles and within two sessions she is driving through the poles.

Why didn't anybody tell me about this fabulous invention?   

Marley resting after our training session.

* For our non-agility friends:  The arch is the area around the two poles, excluding the front of the poles.  Think of a pie with a slice taken out.  The empty space caused by the missing slice is the front of the poles and the remaining pie is the arch.  


Ishtar said...

So, what exactly does the robot do? Does it signal Marley when to move?

Monica Marley's Mom said...

I was so excited I totally forgot to mention how it works.

Basically, I add kibble (or treats) inside. I keep the remote in my hand and play with Marley. When I say go she'll run through the poles (or it could be a cute triick). As soon as she does the thing I'm training (in this case go through the poles). I'll press on the remote & the robot will beep & release the treat.

It is totally like magic...according to Marley!