Sunday, April 3, 2011


Marley and I enjoy long walks; however, we seem to be in a walking rut. To rectify this we have joined a dog walking group. I was a bit concerned about Marley encountering a lot of dogs while on leash. I expected to walk behind the group while Marley became acclimated to walking with the other dogs.

I warned everybody prior to the walk that I did not allow Marley to meet other dogs on leash. I issued a quick reminder when we arrived and everybody was very respectful about allowing Marley some space.

Marley of course behaved perfectly. While we waited she ignored the other dogs and laid down next to my feet. While walking she sniffed the other dogs and continued without any barking or threatening behavior.

The walk was a lot of fun, Marley enjoyed walking in a new park and I enjoyed the brisk pace the group maintained.

Marley doing her favorite thing.

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