Monday, June 14, 2010

Cat Protector

Mahone has had some really good days recently. I've started to feed him canned food twice a day instead of only in the evening. He is actually feeling a bit feisty, I caught him playing with Bob. Mahone was sitting on a stool and reached down and batted at Bob. Bob responded by crouching down and batting a Mahone. I was so surprised I stopped everything to watch and make sure Bob didn't accidentally injure Mahone.

The play continued for a few minutes and then Mahone jumped off the stool and they started wrestling. Bob quickly got Mahone in a head lock and at that moment I saw a black streak run between the cats turn around and body slam Bob. Bob jumped up and took off running with Marley and Mahone in hot pursuit.

I was totally caught off guard, I didn't realize Marley would feel protective towards Mahone.

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