Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Marley loves agility. Her eyes light up and she prances when we get to class. She loves running into the tunnel and riding the teeter down. She gets a kick out of the A-frame and she is starting to master the weave poles.

Marley loves Agility!

I don't like it at all, I feel like a bad ballerina. You know the dancer that is turning left when everybody else is turning right. I feel dorky and clumsy in class. So far I've managed to trip over my own feet every class session. I can't seem to master when to front cross as opposed to a rear cross.

We have not been able to master the serpentine because I can't seem to master where my hands are supposed be going. We need to master the serpentine and consecutive jumps before our instructor will move us to an intermediate class.

Even though I don't like it we will continue taking classes because I love the way Marley just lights up when we are in class. Her excitement and joy are contagious.

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