Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitty Lover

The other day Marley and I needed to leave our home during some construction. We decided to visit a friend who has the biggest cat ever. Pumpkin weighs in at about 25 lbs. I was a bit concerned because Marley weighs about 11 lbs and she tends to be a bit feisty.

Pumpkin did not look pleased when a feisty little black dog took his spot on the couch.

Marley was just tickled she was allowed on the couch. After sniffing Pumpkin from nose to tail, Marley felt the need to spoon pumpkin. Yep, my feisty little dog spooned with a big gigantic orange CAT.

All my concern was for nothing, who knew Marley was into interspecies relationships?

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Jennifer the Tutor said...

LOL! Pumpkin is just lonely, as he keeps telling me every night, trying to climb on my lap and push this pesky electronic box off of it. He misses C, and gets along w/ dogs and cats alike. But he really misses C.