Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lure Coursing

We did Marley's favorite thing today.  I signed her up for the 300 yard course and at the last minute it was decided she could do the 600 yard course.  She loved it!

I mentioned before the event how I couldn't let her see the course because she would go ballistic!  A friend laughed and said, "She's not as wild as the dobermans."  I laughed with her and as soon as the event started Marley lost her presence of mind and whined, yipped, and squirmed trying to get the lure.  My friend looked at us and said, "Oh my gosh, she is more wild than the dobermans."

This is such a fun activity for all dogs.  I saw a tiny chihuahua run the 300 yard course and she was awesome! We gave her a standing ovation for completing the course, she was so tiny she had to leap up to see the lure over some the grass.

Thanks to Joyce for taking such nice photos of both Marley and Piek.

Marley at full speed.

Check out her stride!

600 yards is a lot for a little dog!
Piek loving the long run.

Awesome stride!

Piek is so graceful!

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